Many wine merchants offer a subscription based Wine Club which sees a case of wine you have very little to no control over landing on your doorstep once a month.

This often involves receiving wines which the seller is trying to get rid of for one reason or another, are probably dull if inoffensive and have little to do with your own personal tastes.

Wine Boar Club is different.  Wine is personal so leave a message below and I will get in touch with you myself to understand your requirements and tailor your case to you.  Hate Sauvignon Blanc?  No problem.  Love claret but can’t stand the price?  I’ll send you brilliant alternatives for you to explore.  If you’re willing to be adventurous I’ll put some funky stuff in there too.  If you want to play it safe with the classics, great.

Along with the wines you’ll receive a letter with my own notes on them including background information on the wines, the people who make them and where they come from.

The amount you choose to spend and how often you want to spend it is also completely up to you.