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I first encountered Yarra Yering during my time in Hong Kong but fell in love with it when I moved to Victoria in 2013. It’s a wonderfully unaffected place full of hospitable people who always took the time to answer the phone and address my inane questions about winemaking and viticulture. It consistently produces wines of unerring quality, now under the stewardship of Australian Winemaker of the Year Sarah Cowe.

Sarah Crowe

During his time at Oxford University, where he achieved a PhD in Philosophy, founder Dr Bailey Carrodus developed a taste for the graceful, structured wines of Bordeaux and the Northern Rhône and their DNA can be found in Dry Red Wine Nos. 1 and 2.

Dr Bailey Carrodus

 Unlike many of their Australian contemporaries, these are red wines that appeal to those who value elegance and old world charm above jammy flavouring and 15% alcohol. Like traditional claret therefore, they are more suited to the dining table than the tasting bench.

Waterloo Vineyard

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