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Domaine de la Côte translates literally to Estate of the Slope. The Domaine is a collection of vineyards planted over 24ha of a south-facing slope at the western edge of the Sta. Rita Hills appellation. Memorious, Bloom’s Field, Siren’s Call, Clos Juliet, and La Côte are the names of the vineyards. Rising to an elevation of 700 feet above the Santa Ynez River, the Domaine sits atop a 25 million year old seabed, 7 miles from the Pacific Ocean.


The Jurassic Limestone Cliffs of Sta. Rita Hills

The vineyards are planted entirely to California heritage selections at extremely high vine densities between 6,400 and 11,200 vines per hectare. Although the Domaine spans a mere 24ha, the diversity of its climats (terroir) is staggering: each vineyard has a unique geology, aspect, elevation and microclimate. Such distinct expressions of site in such close proximity is unparalleled in California.


Rajat Parr MS

The Domaine was organically farmed from 2007 through 2016. The 2017 growing season marks our transition to biodynamic practices. They make wine with the philosophy of “add nothing; take nothing away.” The wines are vinified, raised, and bottled at their winery in Lompoc, California, 3 miles from the Domaine.


Bloom’s Field Vineyard

Shop the Domaine de la Côte range here