“She gets to keep the chalet and the Rolls, I want the Montrachet.” ― Forbes Magazine, May 6, 1996


We keep a tight list of around 80 wines but it's growing all the time. All the wines are taste tested and represent the highest quality at the right price. Always feel free to get in touch with any questions or requests.


Having a party or event? Actually bothered about the wine you serve your guests? Hate Prosecco? Get in touch. We'll source wines specifically for your event and arrange a tasting beforehand so you can be sure you'll be completely satisfied. We can even arrange the catering.

Tastings and Dinners

We hold regular tasting dinners and other events in Sussex. They are relaxed, informal affairs with an emphasis on great company, wine and food catered by top local chefs.

Wine Club

Find Truffles in the Merde

Wine is personal. Your wine club should be too. I’ll use my experience to understand your requirements and tailor your case to you. Tired of Sauvignon Blanc? No problem. Love claret but can’t stand the price? I’ll send you brilliant alternatives for you to explore.

  • No minimum sign up period or other commitments
  • You set the amount you wish to spend
  • Fully consultative
  • Wines sourced specifically for you

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